Testing of Active Ingredients

Cigma Lab is a specialized laboratory subordinated to HIT Biotech Co., Ltd.. Enjoying strong physical and chemical testing strength, the lab is equipped with a mass of high-precision measurement standard instruments at national primary and secondary levels. At present, we have formulated measurement standards for ion chromatograph calibration equipment, ICP emission spectrometer calibrating apparatus, pH (acidity) meter calibration device, atomic absorption spectrophotometer calibration equipment, atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer calibration equipment, etc. We are capable of performing calibration related to various kinds of spectrums, chromatographs, mass spectrums, electrochemistry, water quality, viscosity, gas analysis, measuring vessels. Our laboratory has a specialized technical team with  engineers who are skillful and experienced in practical operations.

Currently, service scope of Cigma mainly covers fields like food, health products, medicines, etc. The testing of active ingredients is the core business of Cigma. On the basis of rich experience, leading technologies, advanced equipment and complete reference sample/working standards, we offer high-quality testing services to customers.



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