Integrated Solutions to Plant Extraction

Cigma Lab has built a “Plant Extraction + Comprehensive Health” scientific service platform and established project partnerships and talent exchange relations with many colleges and universities such as Harbin Institute of Technology, Fudan University, Jiangnan University, Northeast Forestry University, Sichuan University. With respect to disciplines, it involves food chemistry, food engineering, biochemistry, microorganism, molecular biology, food sensory evaluation, etc. The lab, integrating R&D and testing, is equipped with whole sets of pilot test and production equipment of supercritical extraction, subcritical extraction, multi-function extraction tank group, ultrasonic extraction, microwave extraction, membrane separation, resin adsorption, molecular distillation, reverse osmosis, etc. With a full range of equipment types and strengths, we can fulfill scientific innovation needs and serve customers sincerely with full services.

Plant extraction integrated solutions are based on precious experiences of Cigma accumulated over the years. With such solutions, we have helped dozens of companies in the same industry practice industrialized mass production of natural products successfully. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to jointly propel the modernization development of the Chinese plant extract industry, push forward the advancement of plant extraction technologies, and make contributions to life and health of mankind.



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