HAG Branches

Relying on the advantages of technology, talents, industry and platform of HIT and focusing on R&D and sales, HIT Biotech cooperates with well-known universities and research institutions worldwide to build a comprehensive health function research platform and data management platform with the industry development model of "one R&D headquarter and one sales center", sets up a "biotechnology + comprehensive health" industrial ecosystem integrating biotechnology R&D and transfer, testing of product quality, development of health care products and drugs and customized health management services, provides customized services, establishes exclusive files, achieves precise services with "products targeting groups", ensures the company's advantages and leading position in the industry all the time, adheres to the core concept of "green technology and healthy future", and explores the relationship between green plants and human health.


Add:F22 Block A, Chengdu International Technology Energy Saving Block, No. 89 Cuihua Road, High-Tech Zone, Chengdu 610041, China.

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