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HIT Agritech Attended the 2018 Investment Promotion Conference In Sichuan

The 2018 Investment Promotion Conference in Sichuan and Project Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony of Chinese and foreign Well-known Enterprises was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on April 18. Harbin Institute of Technology and its subsidiaries were invited to participate. 

Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial CPC Committee and Governor, on behalf of the Sichuan Provincial Government, met with Han Jiecai, Vice Chairman of Harbin Institute of Technology and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and its delegation on April 17, and accompanied by Luo Qiang, Mayor of Chengdu, and Tang Limin, Secretary General of the Provincial Government, and relevant leaders of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau. Qu Chenggang, President of HIT National University Science Park, Zhu Fangqun, President of HIT Agritech Group, Xi Yuze, President of HIT Big Data Group, Shen Jian, Senior Vice President of HIT Robot Group, and Xue Yan, Vice President of HIT Environment Group, attended the meeting.

Yin Li, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial CPC Committee and Governor, extended welcome for the arrival of Han Jiecai and entrepreneurs, and expressed thanks to HIT for its support to Sichuan in recent years at first, and then introduced the situation of Sichuan Province and economic and social development. He pointed out that Sichuan faces a series of opportunities in economic and social development and expanding open cooperation, and it is willing to work with HIT to intensively work in the fields of modern agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, global tourism, aerospace, energy conservation, environmental protection, and old-age health, jointly innovates and develops the resource advantages of Sichuan into competitive products, and converts them into high-quality development momentum, to achieve the broader and deeper mutual benefits and win-win results. All levels of governments and governmental departments in Sichuan will further create a good environment and provide quality services to support and help the development of universities and enterprises in Sichuan.

During the conversation, Han introduced the transformation of achievements since the cooperation between HIT and the local government in 2016. At present, HIT has 6 "ongoing" projects in Sichuan, and 11 "coming" projects with a total investment of more than RMB 10 billion. All projects in Sichuan are focused on the application of featured cutting-edge technologies of HIT, with achievements mainly in following three aspects.

The first aspect is the industrial transformation and upgrading of the industrial cities in Sichuan, which are dominated by Chengdu. The production lines are transformed and the production efficiency is improved by automation, information technology, robotics, intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The level of intelligence and informatization of the industry is improved constantly, so that technology can better serve the traditional manufacturing industry.

The second aspect is the targeted poverty alleviation. The integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries is promoted through the investment of the talents, technology and capital in the mountainous areas, to achieve the deep processing of walnuts, buckwheat and so on, extract high-value-added products such as melatonin, and thus to increase farmers' income. This work is now promoted and implemented by HIT Big Data Group.

The third aspect is the cooperation in the field of civil-military integration, to make full use of the superior resources of Sichuan as a Military Industry Province and the advanced military technology of Harbin Institute of Technology, cooperate with Southwest China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment, and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in commercial aerospace, satellites, etc., to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win.

HIT Agritech Group, as one of the industrial groups affiliated to Harbin Institute of Technology, is well aware of its ambitious goal and great responsibility. The Group will be committed to the industrial layout and development orientation of HIT in Sichuan Province, promoting the cooperation between government and enterprises in agriculture, giving full play to the advantages of land resources and human resources in Sichuan, and relying on the advantages of scientific research and talents of HIT Agritech Group and strong market-oriented operational capability to accelerate the adjustment of agricultural structure, enhance the integration development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, promote the sustainable development of agriculture, strengthen the integration of agriculture and information technology, develop intelligent agriculture, and actively lead the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the university, provide strong scientific and technological support and talent guarantee for the development of modern agriculture in Sichuan Province, effectively lead the development of industrial clusters, enhance the ability of radiation driving, propel the transformation of poverty alleviation and development from "blood transfusion" to "hematopoietic" mode, and realize the goal of common development and prosperity of politics, enterprises and agriculture.


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