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Congratulation to HIT Agritech Group for a Successful Mid-Year Summary Conference in 2018

The mid-year summary conference of HIT Agritech Group in 2018 was held in the conference room of the group headquarters at 1:30 pm on July 22, 2018. Han Jiecai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Vice Chairman of Harbin Institute of Technology; Zhu Jun, President of CECEP Industry Development Co., Ltd.; Jin Yunlong, President of Chengdu Hanyan Weida Technology Co., Ltd. and SoTeng CNC Technology Co., Limited, and their delegations visited our company and listened to relevant reports. Zhu Fangqun, President of HIT Agritech Group, and Lin Long, Vice President of HIT Agritech Group attended the conference with the employees of the Group.

Fan Shaoming, the representative of HIT Biotech, Sun Bo, the representative of HIT Asset Management, Zhang Yan, the representative of HIT Greentech, and Lin Long, the representative of HIT Investment Development respectively made a mid-year work report.

● HIT Biotech

HIT Biotech will build a "biotech + comprehensive health" industry chain integrating the biotechnology development, industrial automation equipment research and development, production and sales of functional food and health care products by relying on achievements of HIT "Institute of Extreme Environment Nutrition and Protection" related to serving the national defense and aerospace, on the basis of high-quality special agricultural products and authentic medicinal materials in Sichuan, and orienting to the whole country based on southwest China.

This conference was mainly focused on the introduction of the development of HIT Biotech on three major sections: It's Tree, which focuses on products from natural product extract, making you young and healthy every day; Cigma, which employs defense military and aerospace technology to serve natural product extraction and increase the added value of agricultural and sideline products; plant factory, which combines with the advanced modular, customized energy recycling technology of Japan to achieve production increase, quality improvement and efficiency increase. Above three sections are the core scope of HIT Biotech. Focusing on such sections, HIT Biotech will build a unique new mode of integration development, of which the primary and tertiary industries are driven by the secondary industry, on the basis of high and new technology.

● HIT Asset Management 

At present stage, HIT Asset Management is mainly committed to the attraction, incubation and cultivation of a batch of technology-based enterprises based on HIT technology research, development and production by the mode of "Universities + innovation-based entrepreneurship base" to create an innovation-based entrepreneurship incubator base integrating the technological advantages, talent advantages and resource advantages of HIT. The settlement direction includes: headquarters base project, industrial technology research institute project, industrial park project. Since the project is carried out, breakthroughs have been made in the Meishan HIT Science and Technology Industrial Park, the Yantai Campus of Harbin Institute of Technology, the Panzhihua Huawurenjian Project and the Zigong Science and Technology Industrial Park project.

● HIT Greentech: Greentech cottage project

In this report, HIT Greentech mainly made the reports from the development background, development goals, team organization structure, staffing and performance of the Greentech cottage project. In the future development, the Greentech cottage project will rely on its advantages of quick construction, easy mobility, simple management and controllable cost, and will combine the innovative Internet operation mode to achieve rural revitalization, actively promote local economy, propel industrial cluster development, and enhance radiation-driven capacity, and it is determined to build 10,000 Greentech villages, lead the sustainable development of 20,000 rural characteristic camps and change the lifestyle of 200 million people.

● HIT Investment Development

HIT Investment Development Project plans to cooperate with external investment enterprises with resources, industry and brand advantages to set up private equity investment funds, give full play to the advantages of both sides, and achieve resource concentration and advantage complementation based on the current high-quality project planning of HIT Agritech Group.

● Summary

After listening to the relevant work reports of various projects, Mr. Han, Vice Chairman of Harbin Institute of Technology, gave full affirmation to the development of Agritech Group in the past year. He believed that Agritech Group has done very solid work and selected projects with clear business model, complying with the development needs of Sichuan. Meanwhile, the he also put forward guidance on the future development of HIT Agritech Group: the Group, like a battlefield, will grasp the competitive projects in the market, and HIT will also allocate the university resources in a targeted manner to give full support to the Group.

Afterwards, Zhu Jun, President of CECEP Industry Development Co., Ltd. made a speech at the conference. He said that he fully understood the major business segments and development direction of the Group through this conference.  Many projects can be developed cooperatively, and he will promote and strengthen the cooperation between the two sides later.

At the end of the conference, Zhu Fangqun, President of the Group, made a summary: HIT Agritech Group has been deeply developed in Sichuan, and made strategical deployment nationwide step by step since its establishment for more than one year. It has already  owned four major sectors, namely Biotech, Asset Management, Greentech and Investment Development, and has created an elite and robust team. Through this meeting, Agritech Group has made a detailed summary report on the previous work, and has a deeper understanding of its own development. Agritech Group must follow the spirit of the instruction given by the Chairman in the future, fully tape the market potential under market orientation, actively overcome difficulties, thoroughly integrate regional resources, adhere to the strategy of sustainable development, and achieve new achievements under the guidance of local governments to achieve the goal of contributing to our country through industry. Furthermore, we shall always remain true to our original aspiration, remember our mission, make arduous efforts permanently, continue to carry forward the pioneering spirit of "being bold in innovation", the unwavering spirit of firm ideals and perseverance, the dedication spirit of establishing company for the public and being loyal to HIT, so as to "undertake responsibilities with loyalty and make brilliant achievements with dedication".


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